We offer a wide range of environmental management related services, specifically catered to the agricultural, residential and industrial sectors. Examples include Basic and Full Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment processes for residential developments, industrial facilities, abattoirs, broiler chicken farms and piggeries.
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Applications for the following authorisations:

  • Environmental Authorisations (Basic or full Environmental Impact Assessment processes)

  • Waste Management Licences

  • Water Use Licences

  • Water Use Registrations

  • Registration Applications to comply with the Gauteng Environmental Management Framework Standard (exclusion from the EIA requirements)



Preliminary Environmental Sensitivity Assessments, including specialist investigations, to determine any environmental constraints of a property that could result in the property being unsuitable for a specific project, such as a broiler farm. Such assessments seek to determine the viability of a piece of land before further money is invested towards a desired project or development.



  • Environmental Control Officer Audits

  • Waste Management Control Officer Audits

  • Legal Compliance Audits

    • Environmental Authorisations

    • Waste Management Licences

    • Environmental Management Programmes

    • National Norms and Standards for the Storage of Waste (Government Notice No. 926 of 29 November 2013)



  • Fauna and Flora Assessments

  • Wetland Delineation and Functional Assessments

  • Stormwater Management Plans

  • Geotechnical Investigations

  • Surface and Groundwater Quality Assessments

  • Geohydrological Assessments

  • Borehole Yield Tests

  • Atmospheric Emission Licence applications

  • Air Quality Impact Assessments

  • Odour Management Plans

  • Fugitive Emission Management Plans

  • NAEIS Reporting

  • Controlled-emitter registrations

  • AEL compliance audits

  • Mandatory greenhouse gas accounting and reporting

  • Greenhouse gas inventory verification

  • Carbon footprint calculations

  • Carbon Tax calculations

  • Waste Classification

  • Water Conservation and Water Demand Management Plans

  • Waste Information System (WIS) registration applications.

  • Implementation of Waste Manifest Systems in terms of the Waste Classification and Management Regulations (Government Notice No. R.634 of 23 August 2013).

  • Monthly or ad hoc consulting and advise for clients in terms of Environmental Legislation and Environmental Best Practice.

  • Submission of NEMA Inquiry Letters to Competent Authorities.